Agent’s Commercial Property Sale on eBay Includes a Bank

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Give it to central Indiana real estate agent Jeanne Clarkson for thinking outside the lockbox. The former eBay power seller has packaged three buildings and posted them to the popular online site where the public can buy just about everything — including, thanks to her, a bank building in the town of Anderson, Ind.

Jeanne ClarksonClarkson (pictured) told AOL Real Estate that she’s sold $6 million in commercial real estate using eBay’s classifieds section, and is frankly a little surprised that other agents haven’t caught on to the idea. Right now, she’s got a package on the site priced at $4.5 million that includes a good portion of Anderson’s skyline: the First Merchants Bank building (pictured below), the Union Building (shown above) and a property at 11th and Jackson streets; she already sold the Union Building once using eBay. While there’s plenty of real estate being auctioned on eBay, her listings appear under eBay’s classifieds section.

Clarkson, who is the broker of Elan Real Estate Inc., told WRTV Indianapolis that it’s important to use technology in marketing real estate. She said she’s already heard from people around the world on this listing. Her client is a California investor.

And we suppose if eBay fails, she could always try Craigslist.

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